We hear that machines are capable of many things we humans are. We know that they are even capable of more than us in some areas. But what about the fields that are harder for them or even impossible? Are there such things?

Some AIs create music, write articles and even paint for us now. All of these are pieces that require some kind of emotional attachment to them, and many of them are considered art when created by humans.

How are our artistic creations different from that of computers?

The very first difference that pops into our heads might be emotions. Artificial Intelligence can only learn patterns in behaviour…

There is this idea about artists being broke. Well, it happened to be mostly true some time ago, for the reason that art wasn’t considered valuable for most of society. It was either a hobby or a luxury but was left outside of ordinary people’s perspectives.

Since then, fortunately, we have normalized the attention to arts, and many of its fields became as stable as any other professions. The way to make money from it is just the same as anywhere else: do a good job and sell well.

It is safe to say nowadays that an artist can, by…

We have all the right to be worried about the latest technology, especially when it comes to social media platforms and their image (and now video or live story) manipulation techniques.

But where exactly is the line between being an artist, presenting value to others and being a manipulator, making the same people feel less about themselves?

It is a huge problem that the online space distorts reality. Actually, it is not the online space but is us humans that do the distortions. Often, we just go with the flow and don’t realize the effect Instagram, Facebook or other platforms…

Derien Nagy

My mission is to show how magical and breath-taking the world of Technology is with the touch of Art, Intelligence and Benevolence.

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